King Crabapple. Hip-hop funk rock. From Muskegon, MI

L to R: Mikey Olsen (keys), Matt Cuti (bass), Steven Johnson (MC),
Mike Schertenlieb (drums) Julee Hackney (vocals), Will Jeannot (guitar)

Their 2nd album, Castle Keep is available now on iTunes.

King Crabapple has cultured a reputation as one formidable monarch. Wielding fierce lyrics and soaring vocals, this six-headed giant combines funk and hip-hop into something ferocious. Thunderous without sacrificing the groove, they rock the crown cocked to the side, and throw down hard for all the realm.

Crowned the “Best Local Live Performance 2012,” a title bestowed upon the band by the listeners of 97.9 WGRD, KC takes pride in their high-energy performances and diverse blend of musical influences.

The flagship band for Muskegon-based indie label Mux Rec, they released their sophomore album, Castle Keep, in 2013, solidifying a signature sound nestled somewhere between party grooves and socially conscious anthems. King Crabapple has played diverse venues like Vans Warped Tour, The Intersection, and Val Du Lakes, and countless others across the Mitten State. They have shared the stage with the likes of Brother Ali, Paradime, Critical Bill, JMSN, and dozens of midwestern regional and local acts.

The group formed organically from close friendships and a mutual love of music. As their individual sounds converged, the unique amalgam of rock, funk, and hip-hop (as well as something not quite any of those genres) was born.

With years of gigging and a pair of albums under their belt, King Crabapple continues to explore their blended sound, embrace the DIY mentality, and pursue facemelting with full force.

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